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  ( OFFICE ORDER/2013 )
  All the students are hereby instructed that they have deposit to Locker key & reissue locker key each till Monday i.e. 16-12-2013


Audio Video & Other Services :- 

Library has a separate Audio-Video section. A well-furnished hall for viewing the educational videocassettes is provided. Library processes a significant number of educational audio and videocassettes. Library also offers photocopying, current awareness and documentation services besides routine conventional library services.

Laboratories :-

In any institution of higher learning, the barometer that indicates its standard is the sophistication of its laboratory. Because of the fact that the future is dependent on in - depth study and hands -on experience, the young student needs to identify himself with research and development at this early stage. The Dental College is well equipped for analytical research.


  • Pre-Clinical Labs

  • Physiology Laboratory

  • Bio-Chemistry Laboratory

  • Anatomy Dissection Hall

  • General Bacteriology Laboratory

  • General Pathology

  • Pharmacology

Transport :-

The college provides transport to all students to attend  their "field postings" and all external training programmes that are part of their curriculum. The college has the own buses for transport.

Sports and Cultural Activities :-

Common recreational facilities in campus are as follows :-

  • Fully equipped Playgrounds

  • Nicely maintained Football and Cricket Ground.

Facilities of games like Carom, Chess, volleyball and Table Tennis etc. Regular and periodical sports and cultural activities are conducted to bring out the best in students, many of whom are gifted. Facilities for indoor and outdoor sports are also available in the campus. A well equipped play ground with qualified trainer -separate for boys & girls, Table Tennis boards, twin shuttle courts, tennis courts etc. are available. This is administered by a Sports Management Committee consisting of sports officer, student representative and a member of teaching faculty.

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